Piers Dennis


Piers started his eclectic career in arts and architecture, spending his early twenties making films for institutions such as The Serpentine Gallery and world renowned creatives including Frank Gehry and Sir David Chipperfield. After joining the directing roster at Riff Raff films, he spent the second half of his twenties working with bands and artists on tour docs, music vids and live performance films. All punctuated with directing commercials and content for the varied likes of BBC, energy giants Ørsted and Harvey Nichols.

Our Most Brilliant Friends marked his debut feature. The film, which The Guardian called “a stunning debut”, charted the break up of the band Slow Club. The trust and understanding Piers built with his subjects allowed for a uniquely honest look at the music industry, creative relationships and the painful realisation something might be over. The film received acclaim at international film festivals and toured sold out cinema screenings throughout the UK.

Piers is currently in production for his second feature - a feature documentary that will take the audience into the world of the artist Self Esteem.


Amy Sparks

Heavy, Man!

  • Director & Writer: Piers Dennis
  • Starring: Charlie Beavon & Joseph Siddle
  • Producers: Katie Gunn & Piers Dennis

Charlie and Joe are starting a band, but they haven’t settled on a name. The debate continues as they travel up to London to see their first hardcore show.

Official Selection: Bolton Short Film Festival

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Our Most Brilliant Friends

Feature documentary

Produced by Matthew Fone / Riff Raff Films

In Competition: Doc 'n' Roll Festival

Official Selection: Aesthetica Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, In-Edit Barcelona Film Festival, Sky Line Festival.